FMJ DV27 and mains polarity...



I have all my gear connected with, facing the IEC plug, ground under, live left, neutral right...

Every thing seems to sound better this way, except the FMJ, is this the right way... :confused:

John Dawson,

Could you please help me with the correct way to connect to mains...


John Dawson

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Its a grounded chassis design so it shouldn't really matter which is live and which is neutral (in the UK you cannot choose as the mains plug is polarised and can only be fitted one way round).

But try it both ways and see if you reliably find any difference.

John Dawson (Arcam)


Thanks John,

Some equipment even has a dot where the live should go, REL for instance, and my dealer confirmed it, so I plugged everything that same way...

So you say it doesn´t really matter with your gear, by the way, is the way I am plugging the "standard" way with UK plugs... :confused:

So I will test again, and plug the way I "think" it sounds better, if I still find a difference, otherwise I will leave it as is...

Thanks again...
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