FMJ AV8 Preamp Processor



I´m looking for a good preamp processor and this FMJ AV8 is one I find interesting.
Usually, before buying any hifi item, I like to read the corresponding instruction manual in advance. However, in the Arcam site there is no handbook (manual) for this processor.Do any of you know how to get one?


John, have you had any more thoughts on a digital link between AV8 and FMJ27? I'm still having a dilemma about DVD-A and SACD and have 90% decided on the above pairing but that would rob me of multi channel SACD.

For the moment I'm holding out, either for a solution (5.1 switch box etc.) or for Sony to chuck in the towel on SACD.


John Dawson

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Hi Steve,

Well, I really want to turn your 90% into 100% but I don't have further news on the topic of an all-digital link. I believe I have posted before on the long term desirability of HDMI, which supports both high resolution audio and video, and, a few weeks later, I haven't changed my position. But remember, all these things involve tremendous engineering effort, and the relevant enabling chips won't even be taped out for another year or so.

In the meantime I'll be keeping a lookout for a suitable switching box :)


John Dawson (Arcam)


Yeah, I'm looking long term as well and I guess as long as we know the AV8 is of modular design then at least we have a fighting chance of keeping up. I know a lot of people who have loads of laser disks and although the format is effectively dead, they have no intention of binning them. I feel the same way about SACD as I have a lot of disks, some of which I am very fond of and intend to keep them.

I'm thinking that I will have to go to DVD-A shortly. The only other option is to get a Pioneer 757 as a temporary option but it's not really satisfactory. I've tasted CD replay on a DV27 and frankly, I now find my humble Sony 700 annoying for CD replay so another compromise measure is not on the cards.

This will leave me with a sack load of SACD disks (pun? me?) and only one 5.1 input. I can put with them in 2 channel for a bit I suppose.

Please do post if you find a 5.1 switcher, I'm sure there would be a big market and it will mean a certain sale of an AV8, P7 and DV27 as a bonus. Maybe some of your tech guys would like to do a bit of moonlighting :).




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The only other way I can see is to have a 5.1 throughput on the DV27 to allow, for instance, an SACD player to be looped through it.

Another world first for Arcam ?

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