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Been trying to connect the video signal from my DV88+ (component exit) and my cable topsetbox (scart exit) to my Dave module and from there to the component in from the Epson TW200h projector.

Before I start to buy all sorts of useless cables I wanted to know if its possible to run 1 component cable from Dave to the Epson and by swithching the source on the A22 between DVD and AV also switching the video signal going to my projector.

One problem I have identified is the scart exit in the Samsung topsetbox. How do I connect this to the Dave? (phono or composite or.....?)

The audio signal from the Samsung box is connected to the Dave via an optical cable and thats working perfect.

thanks for your help!


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I doubt it, the DAVE module does not do any video conversion and therefore wouold not convert the RGb or Composite signal coming from you set top box to a component signal which your projector requires. Your best option is to connect the set top box and the DVD player directly to the projector independently. Alternatively tou could get an AVR250 or AVR300 which wouod do the vidoe conversion for you.


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Crusty is correct the DAVE module does not provide any video conversion. It will not even convert between S-Video and composite.

It does not handle RGB at all. It only does composite, S-video and component.



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mmmmm....... oh well, I guess I just have to run a cable from the topsetbox to the projector then. Better to know it now then be disappointed after connecting the lot to the Dave.




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