FM/DAB Aerial to combine with TV amp

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    I could NOT work out the best forum for this question

    I have a TV aerial in the loft, installed by a professional - we are on the coast , so outside can be high winds and corrosion and so the loft had a very good signal strength.

    I'm having some electrical work carried out and so wanted to take the opportunity of running some TV cable down from an AMP into those rooms
    I'm thinking of using a LABGEAR LDA2061LR rather than the SLX that i have used in the past

    Now I notice that the Amp also supports FM/DAB input and combines the TV to the DAB/FM signal down 1 cable

    if i got an aerial like this one - combined FM/DAB
    Setup in the loft, I'm in the PO20 area in UK
    and connected to the AMP
    I'm assuming that using a wall plate like this one
    which has a TV and a seperate FM/DAB output
    that it would all work fine , if i connected a DAB radio FM radio or receiver in the future to it

    i would appreciate your comments view on the setup
    the electrical works start on wednesday, so I'm hoping to use the opportunity to get them to channel the wall a little wider so i can run the 75ohm RG6 cable i have in some plastic conduit


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