FM Cable query (no I haven't gone mad!)


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I've got a query on FM radio delivered via NTL cable:

I've just moved into a flat which is big enough to house my home cinema setup again (last time I moved 11 months it all had to go into storage!), and I currently can't test it because I haven't any speaker cable! My flat has an unused NTL connection (previous owner disconnected quite some time ago), and the box has two terminals, one for TV, and the other for FM; what I'd like to now is: even though the box is disconnected, does the FM connection still work, and will I be able to link it up to my TAG T32R?




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Yes, the FM connection will work, and as a bonus the TV connection will aswell, you should pick up all terrestial channels and a few others from the TV connection, and all local and national stations on the FM hook-up.



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Thanks for that.

1 more question (and I really think the answer is going to be no!):

Would my Freeview (or old ONDigital box, as it is) receiver be able to to pick up any digital channels from that NTL feed?

Thanks very much,


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