FM BBC Radio 3 and 4 etc. through HC system


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Does anyone know what FM stereo broadcasts sound like through a Home Cinema system such as Sony's DAV-S550?

The Today programme mornings and BBC Radio 3 evenings and weekends is my main listening, then mostly jazz CDs.

I'm playing with the idea of replacing my two stereos (at either end of my long (30 foot) room) with one 5.1 system - though I need to know much more about sound quality for radio and CDs and whether having two of the 5 speakers at the far end of the room away from the tv would be too weird when watching DVDs & surround sound tv.

Any advice gratefully received



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Me again. I'm refining my message to try to get a response.
I have a long (30 foot) open plan living dining room, with kitchen area opening off the dining end. Tv/dvd is near the middle of the room, but watched in the 'living' half.
I currently have two stereo set-ups - tv/tuner/dvd/video coming through 4 speakers at one end, and tuner/cd coming through two speakers at the other end (not very audible in the open plan kitchen, unfortunately). I switch from one system to the other all the time. On balance I use the dining end stereo more. I'm fed-up with that set-up, and it doesn't do the room justice.
If I buy a surround sound system how do I arrange the speakers for mostly whole room balanced AUDIO listening. Is such a thing possible? I mostly don't watch DVDs, and if I do they're mostly music ones - Miles, Keith, operas etc.

If this isn't the solution, what might be? I can't afford much, but I'd like to improve things.

Picture shows the tv half of the room best, the dining table is across from the open kitchen area and the other speakers are high on the wall to the right of the table.
Please advise


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a good fm stereo tuner can sound as good if not better than most digital radios. If you use (prologic II music) you may get a reasonable effect .I dont know what speaker distance adjustments the sony allows The pioneer 99 goes from 0.3 mtrs to 9 mtrs +all 5 spkrs and sub volumes can be adjusted independently. Music wise it also plays SACD and DVD-Audio. Hope this helps

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