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Flush wall speakers for 7.1 setup


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Hi all. I'll start by saying I've found these forums really helpful in my time trying to build a system that gives me everything I'm looking for. I'm nearly there (if my Mrs has anything to do with it) but there's something not quite right.

My setup is:
Monitor audio BX5 av with the bi/dipole surrounds
Denon 2311 avr

unfortunately my room isn't ideal for surround sound but who's is?
The attachment shows my living room.

I'm thinking of getting some flush fitted wall speakers for behind the Sofa because at the moment in films, when things go over my head they sound like they're going over to the side.

The surrounds are set to dipole if that makes any difference to you.

Has anyone got an idea of what speakers I could have a look at or have any advice to improve the setup I've got? I'm not looking to spend loads on the backs if I get them.


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