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Florida Property. $10.4m in 2007. Now only $3.4m


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Begonia said:
Shall we buy it and rent it out?

Alternatively, shall we put in an offer of $2.5m and hopefully buy it for that price, then sit on it for a year and then sell it on for a $2m profit?

5 bedroom house for sale in Florida, Osceola County, Kissimmee, USA

Do pardon me but I must dash! My 'Cheese on Toast' is nearly ready.

Actually that's pretty horrible! Personally I wouldn't give you $1m for it, despite the size

I'm not surprised at the price drop though - central Florida got hammered in the US housing crash.


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all that money and zero taste or style.....perfect for the plastic lifestyle that exists....


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much prefer the second one...

but this did make me laugh:

Key features:


So a key feature is they speak Spanish....muy bien!!!


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A uni friend moved to Florida year and a half ago prices have massively reduced since the subprime mortgage crisis. Apartments that used to be $200K can now be picked up well under $100K. Seems a decent investment, some people are buying them cheap and renting them out.


Villas are as cheap as chips out here at the mo.

I'm off to look at a couple tomorrow.

Someone needs to kickstart the modern interiors over here. All you see are 80's pine kitchens, plastic foliage and dark dated furniture. Orlando needs a serious kick up the butt!


I've got eyes and ears looking for a suitable property around the Wellington/Palm Beach Gardens area of Florida, as we have decided that if/when we move over there it seems like a nice place to live.

BTW What is with the crap quality of some of the pictures in the listings? I guess the homeowners take them, themselves rather than a realtor.

Somewhere like this seems do-able, and the pics are ok too

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Stuart Wright

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When we got married in 2006, we stayed here:
and it was for sale for something like $470,000. It sold for $390,000 on Jan 29, 2007. Now worth nearer half that.
Totally beautiful, luxurious house conveniently close to Disney etc. But there are hundreds of them in the area all the same. They were building the estate to the east at the time. If anyone has £200,000 spare cash and fancy holidaying in Florida regularly, possibly for extended periods, then one of these does seem like good value. Certainly compared to comparable properties here in the UK where it's cold and wet and miserable.
I wonder what rental costs are right now. I bet they have gone through the floor also. Is it possible to rent a 6 bedroom, luxury house for peanuts?


I wonder what rental costs are right now. I bet they have gone through the floor also. Is it possible to rent a 6 bedroom, luxury house for peanuts?

Owners direct is about as cheap as it gets, so it's a good guide.
When we looked, we were able to get a big 5-bed villa with own pool, near all the usual tourist attractions, for around £ 800.00 per week (July)
How this compares with previous years, no idea, haven't considered Florida until recently.
Purely for comparison, we ended up renting a two-bed villa in Spain with own pool for £580.00.
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im renting a 3 bed / 3bath place on vista Cay, which is near International Drive (5 mins to the pointe) for £600 / $1000 per week - that's in august this year. Previous years have been around the £700 - £800 mark - but substantially farther out from the attractions.

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