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Padraig H

My granddaughter while visiting me had a old floppy disk from when she was at collage with some photos, etc. on it. I don't use the floppy drive on my PC anymore but I checked it and it still works fine. When I insert the disk I get a massage saying ; The disk in Drive A is not formatted. Do you want to format it now. But that will erase the contents on the disk. Is there any way of getting
round this , she was so disappointed.


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In days gone by, I used to use Norton Disk Doctor to recover floppy disks. It's part of Norton Utilites by Symantec, any version of Norton Utilites will do as floppy disks haven't changed for over 20 years and Norton Untilities has been around for just as long.

However, there are no guarantees that this will work.


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Are you sure the discs were used in a PC ?


We still use Floppys at work, when we get the message, its either the drive hadn't finished writing data to disk or the disk had dirt/damage to it.

Either way I would go back to source and try a different floppy disk.


Floppies were never that secure with the data they held, so an old disk is likely to have problems being read - especially on a different drive to the one it was written on.
You may be lucky and be able to recover the data with a simple and free data recovery program - 16 Free File Recovery Software Programs (Free Undelete Software)
but if none of them work then you are probably out of luck and anything on the disk is lost for good.


Padraig H

Didn't use the recovery software after all, after numerous attempts the JEPG icons appeared. Managed to
get some images but some of the files were corrupted. Glad I don't have to use these disks anymore.
Thanks all

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