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Floorstanders with Sonos connect amp


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Looking to buy the Sonos amp and I'm looking to pair with some floorstanders

Had my eye on the B&W 683 S2 or the CM8's

Anyone else tried these together?


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I would look at the Sensitivity rating on the speakers. While the Sonos Amp is adequate at about 50w/ch, it is not high powered. Consequently, it is to your advantage to have speakers that are approaching 90db Sensitivity.

The B&W 683 is a larger speaker than the CM8, so we would need to know your room dimension to make a judgement call on which would work best.

I don't have the speakers, but I have heard them. The NEW 683-S2 come very close to the sound quality of the CM Series. If you want to save money, the 600-S2 Series are vrey good. However, the CM-S2 Series are better. But then the CM8 is a smaller speaker.

These are both regarded as good quality speakers, it is just a matter of working out your budget and your priorities.



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Thanks steve

The room is roughly 10ft by 10ft - not overly big and the sofa is approx 8ft from where the speakers would be situated

Budget could stretch to either the 683's or cm8's

Currently have an av amp with 5.1 setup but I feel the room is too small for too many speakers


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I like q acoustics speakers. I cannot say I have heard them with a sonos amp but the q acoustics 3050 may be a good setup. They are easy to drive at 92 db


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The Q Acoustic 3050 are pretty smooth yet detailed speakers, very well balanced and with solid bass. Though you can't really hear the bass in this video, you can heard the claim that the bass is solid.


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I've spent a lot of time with the 683 S2 and CM8 S2, as both of these were on my short list at one time. The 683 S2 is a seriously huge speaker, and ideally needs some room to breathe, the scale of the sound it creates is very impressive!

The CM8 S2 I would say is the better option for your room size, and while it doesn’t quite have the scale of the 683 S2, it is a much more accurate speakers and has a tighter bottom end.

As for using with a Connect Amp… They won’t sound at their best, and deserve a bit more than the Sonos can offer.

If you’re looking to buy the amp and speakers together, why not try and strike up a deal enabling you to get a better amp?

I’d be happy to sell you either, but sadly we are not currently dealers of either of these brands, just thought I’d give you my 2 cents.

Russell - Audible Fidelity


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For either of the B&Ws I'd seriously doubt that the Sonus will drive them to anything like their best.

As a minimum, especially for the 8s, I'd suggest something like these,

Cambridge Audio CXA60 & BT100 | Black Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver | Richer Sounds

Primare I22 Integrated Amplifier - RRP £1000 | eBay

Or, even better if you don't mind s/h, MF are no slouches when it comes to plenty of current.

Good luck.

Musical Fidelity M3si Integrated Amplifier - Pre Owned | eBay

Musical Fidelity M3i 5055516315747 | eBay


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Despite the Sonos using Class D amplification, I'd still try and choose a speaker that presents it with a nice easy load and make the most of the power it has. The entry level range from most manufacturers are designed to be an easy load for most amps - Monitor Audio's Bronze range, Dali's Zensor range, KEF's Q Series, and usually B&W's 600 series are ok too. Don't just spend more because you can.

If you really want a wider choice of speakers and not want the worry about suitable amplification, try the Cyrus One amplifier, which will drive most speakers under £2,000 quite happily. In fact, it drives Eclipse TD508 MkIII speakers well too, and they're 82dB sensitivity. Whilst it won't be quite as small as the Sonos, it will still be smaller than most amps, but still pack a real punch.

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