Floorstanders or in-walls

Mark Pitchford

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I'm still undecided as to the direction the new room is going to take.

Originally I had thought about building speakers into a cabinet to keep the wife happy so was looking at sealed or front-ported designs.

Over the weekend she has thrown a spanner in the works. She quite liked the idea of four floorstanders and a centre in the room.


Or so I thought...

I'd left my copy of HCC on the coffee table and she found this months install where the guy had used in-wall speakers and she said she wanted to do it that way!


Now, to the question. I've got about £1000 to spend on speakers so where would my money be best spent?

4 Floorstanders & Centre?


5 in-walls?

How would the performance compare?


PS I'll be getting a separate sub anyway.


In wall floorstanders are available quite pricey I presume
Sonance for all in-wall.


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Sonance eclipse in ceiling are pretty good but £1000 for 5 is too little and even £1000 for front 3 is pushing it for in walls! Look up sonance and see what you like the look of.

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