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floorstanders as rears?


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when i first had my speakers i had the floorstanders as rear due to how i had things set up back then(over a year ago) and they sounded alright, first system, so had no comparison, but my mate said they arnt good as rears, but i have seen certain speaker packages, mostly pioneer that have 4 floorstanders, so my question is, are they actually any good?

i have sats and thinking whether to try bookshelf or floorstanders for the rears to see if they any better ;)


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Good speakers are good speakers; simple as that.

Floorstander are perfectly capable of functioning as rear speakers as long as you can place them properly. But placing rear bookshelf or satellite speakers can be a problem too.

If you have a cramped room, where the floorstanding speaker have to be against the wall beside the sofa, that can create problem. But in a larger room where one section or one end is set aside for listening, there would be room to have the speaker set back from the sofa, and place in the optimal position.

So, it has nothing to do with whether or not the rear speakers are floorstander, and far more to do with whether floorstanders can be placed properly or ideally in your room.

Even in a less than perfect room, reasonable compromises can be made to produce reasonable sound from rear floorstanders. And, in many small rooms, even the placement of bookshelf and satellite can be difficult, so the problem isn't just floorstanders. We have people with problem rooms write in all the time for advice on how to place a 5.1 in a odd room.

The trick is not to think about where the speaker should go, but to concentrate on what you want to accomplish in placing the speakers, and then do the best you can to accomplish that in your room.

Just a thought.



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I have Floorstanders as front and bookshelf as rear but for our room size this is still not good enough.

I'm trying to convince the wife :lease: we need to get a pair of Kef iQ7 SE so I can move the iQ5s from the front to the rear as we have a large room. Just cant find a good price at the moment due to old spec now and also needs to be in Walnut to match. The rears I have just are not up to the job IMO for the room size we have but have done the job in the mean time.


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how about 4 floorstanders as sides and rears? i use B&W 603's as front's and sides, and a pair of 602.5's as rears in a 7.1 system, so floorstanders all round. if the room is big enough, there is no reason to say they're not good as rears



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cheers for the replies :thumbsup:

my setup is in my bedroom as i live with my folks still and how i have it set up in my room, floorstanders might not work due to space, i have my small rear speakers on a bookshelf and window-sill(window is on right hand side to tv etc), it all seems good, but would like to improve my surround somwhat...

but if i went for more floorstanders i would need 2 of the same model i have or failing that a pair of beach coloured 80w 8ohm ones from a different brand :smashin:

Ambient Fish

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Foorstanders all round is great if you have the space, I moved to this set up 3 years ago from a pair of standmounts at the rear and it worked out well for me.:thumbsup:

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