Floorspeaker advice to pair with onkyo 577


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Hi all,

My current set-up is an onkyo 577 av receiver with tannoy sfx 5.1 speakers. As most of you may be aware the 577 has a zone 2 feature where I can place another 2 speakers on a separate channel. My plan is to buy a pair of floor standing speakers and feed them from zone 2 on the onkyo. I will only be using these speakers for music only. I think the tannoys are great (especially for £199.95 new from RS) but I'm not overly impressed with there music abilities. I thought i would be happy with the sound they produce, but as ive now learned, there is no way i will get the musical ability from satellites that i can get from floor standers. I'm not unhappy with the tannoys by any means, especially for movies and game play, I just want something with more depth for my music

So.............my main question is..........what would you guys recommend with a budget of around (£100-£200) they need to be black. Ideally I would like them to match the tannoys in colour.

Cheers guys



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The Tannoy F3 could be a good option if you like the sound your Tannoys produce. They are at the top of your budget at around £220. If you can stretch then the F4s would be even better.


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well i only want them for music, i want the best sound i can for 150 max. ill push to 200 at the very topsssssss but woudlnt really want to. cheers

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