Floor standers to KEF T?


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Did try in the main forum but was ignored so hopefully here may get a reply

Currently have a 7.1 system for music and cinema based around Mission M74i fronts.

The misses generally likes the sound but dislikes the look and I have to agree they don't match their new home.

SWMBO thinks speaks should be heard and not seen, in wall aren't an option at the moment so looking for another solution.

How are the KEF T301 system? Are there anything others I should look at that can handle music and movies?

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The KEF are supposed to be pretty good.
I use the Monitor Audio Apex. I listen to multichannel music with them as well as some movie viewing.
They are a fantastic sub sat system that handle music impeccably.
They look great and are versatile re positioning whether on wall or stands.
Look them up and please don't think of them as a style package as most folks do they are a true sub sat system that looks the dogs!!!
They deserve good amplification but do require a sub either the Apex sub or something like an MJ , Rel or BK.

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