Floor standers for 3m *4m*2.3m room


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I have a strict budget of £300 and WAF approval for what ever I buy :smashin: (as long as it's not to outlandish :eek:). They need to be in either light maple (or equivilent) or black ash and preferably front ported (not essential).
The room is 3.25m*4*2.3 w/l/h. Carpeted with curtains over a bay door and a large bookcase on the same wall. I will also be buying a Mordaunt short 309 sub woofer and will also need to get a matching (to the fronts) centre speaker all to be driven by a Yamaha rxv1400. It will be used approx 50/50 for music and movies.
I am looking at Mission m3x series, Kef Q3's or coda's, Acoustic energy evo 3's and Mordaunt short 90x series. Any other suggestions/advice would be gratefully recieved :clap:


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You might also benefit from looking/listening to some standmount speakers in that price range as a good standmount can often sound better than a cheapish floorstanding speaker.
When I went for an audition many moons ago I listend to the usual suspects around the £300 price point and was blown away by the performance of the B&W DM602S3's (front ported)over the floorstanders they had available. The DM602's are quite large and can compete with some floorstanders bass wise:) I did purchase them based on that audition and was very happy with them for both music and movies (I matched with the LRC60 centre). I would definately add them to your audition list as they sound fantastic and look great (waf) too and retail at £300 the pair (cheaper if you can find s/h) see here:-

http://www.bwspeakers.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/products.ranges/label/Range 600 Series 3

You'll obviously have to budget for a good pair of stands (£60ish) if you go the standmount route.
By all means listen to the floorstanders you have in mind as they are all fantastic speakers but around the £300 mark there are some great standmounts available which you shouldn't overlook



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dfour i have simular sized room to yourself and did have cdm1nts ,use lcr60 center ,600s3 for surrounds,+velodyne vx10sub.

i have changed from cdm1nts to dynaudio 62 floorstanders, i do not find the dyns too overpowring for my room size, and for sterio only in some ways prefer dyns because they go deeper.

in av use having floorstanders seems to lessen the impact of my sub quite a bit.


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Yeah the dynaudio 62 would be great if I could afford £760 or so :eek: I also have to avoid anything in or with yellow :thumbsdow


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dfour i have seen dyns 62 for £350 2nd hand at audio t for £350 but they are 86sensitivity and 4ohm. for the £300 budget you have for speakers i would look exdem 2nd hand once you have found a brand of speakers that you like the sound off.

there is a list of sites on hifi choice forum for dealers /exdem /second hand etc, quite surprising whats avaliable at reasonable cost rather than purchasing brand new.


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My living room has similar dimensions and we went from floorstanders to Dynaudio 52s, and later purchased Dynaudio centre and rears.
We are 50/50 music and movies and they sound great.

You might be able to purchase some Dyn 52s secondhand on e-bay around £300 - £350.


I have the Acoustic Energy Evos 3's on stereo duty in a similar size room. Their great music performers and I would'nt mind them in my HC setup as well. I think you'll find them better than the Mission M series and Coda's. Not heard the Q3's but the Q's do seem pretty popular.
I'm interested to know how you're sub performs. You must let us know whats its like and how it compares to others.


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I had a demo of the acoustic energy Evo series today and have decided that i like the sounds they produce :smashin: I will be buying the evo 3's and the centre asap

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