Question floor stand for TV - recommendations?


Currently my TV, Sony KD-43XD8305, sits on top of the cabinet.
I have added a soundbar and due to the style of feet the TV has (and the lack of width) it has to sit way in front of the TV at the front of the cabinet.

My plan is get a TV stand that raises the height so that the sounbar can sit to the rear of the cabinet with the TV above it (TV no longer sitting on the cabinet).

I've been looking for something like this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/FITUEYES-U.../B074884C7J/ref=psdc_1338214031_t2_B07DRC6Q1Y


with the idea that the floor standing stand will sit behind the cabinet and sit about 1 foot above the cabinet top.

the vesa profile my TV has is 200x100. and i'd want it to sit so that the top of the TV is about 125-150cm from the floor.
i've looked at a few and some of the listings are a little contradictory (example the images list 200x100, but then the description doesn't), and some reviews mention the TV leaning forward a little.

so i'm looking for recommendations if anyone has used anything similar.

This is the TV and cabinet (albeit that's not where it's located now). The TV is pretty much up against a wall now (and no i don't want to wall mount the TV).



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Putting a soundbar at the back of the cabinet is the worst place for audio quality as the reflected sound will interact with projected sound and will most likely sound terrible.
Could you not use a vesa tabletop stand?



why would i need a vesa tabletop stand then if you're saying not the move the soundbar to the rear?
the whole point was to free up the space where the TV is currently placed.
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