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Planning to build a floating wall type idea for housing the TV, with Low cabinets underneath.
I was set on having either B&W M1 or Kef3005 speakers mounted to the false wall around the TV using the wall mounts.
But if I'm building the stud work anyway, would it be worth trying to build in some speakers with flush faces to the wall. Could then have less attractive boxed speakers hidden in the wall with just the faces on show flush with wall as the TV would be. Could then get away with larger better value soeakers that haven't had all the manufacturing spent on the fancy enclosures!

Anyone tried this, or got any ideas/known problems with it. Most false/floating walls seem to be just for the TV with floor standing speakers or have soundbars/satellites attached as I was originally planning?


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I plan to do exactly this in the near future when i can afford to buy an acoustic screen.

No reason what so ever why it wouldn't work, however you do have to conceder two things.

1) you will obviously be taking a larger chunk of your room, and the construction of the stud wall could be slightly harder.

2) You need to be very careful with the speakers you buy, as a lot of speakers do not sound good if placed tight to a wall (bass boom) and should have a clear gap between it and the wall.

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