Floating Wall On The Cheap - Pt2 'The Living Room'


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Well at long last I have got around to updating my living room setup. Just before Chrimbo I bought myself a long overdue replacement for my Panasonic Viera TV, all be it another 42" Panny Plasma, I'm a bit of a Panny TV fanboy! :blush:

So as I was going to have to fit it in I decided to undertake on a bit of a revamp of my whole setup and introduce another 'cheap floaty wall' as my missus loves the Kitchen/Family Room one I did last year ( Linky Here :))


I decided I wanted a cleaner looking look for the storage of my kit. Plus as the kids are now older so understand the consequences of touching the stuff! So I was able to lower everything including the TV as sticky fingers and the risk of toast being shoved into the plasma has now past..thank god!

So this time I bought -

3x Sheets of MDF Board at £18 each
1x Pack of 18mm Batons at £8
1x Pack of LED Christmas Lights at £12.50

and luckly I still had the priceless Handy Dad :thumbsup

So, as per the other thread we measured up and built the floaty wall.

Handy Dad -

Back of floating wall, fitting the lights -

In place and testing it all works -

Now I apologise for the lack of pics on the build of the AV Cupboard...My missus managed to delete them from the camera! :facepalm:

However..1x weekend and various evenings decorating, I now have a new room setup -





The cupboard door works on a one of those push release mechanisms that you get for Kitchen units etc. That way I don't spoil the look with a handle...a bargain £3 from Ikea ;-)

For your info the blue lights from under the HD box and PS3 are my bargain laptop coolers from Amazon (£4 :D ). They are USB powered so are only on when the units are switched on and have a spare USB plug so double up as a hub for charging my headset and controllers. They work really well and ensure the units never get to hot when the door is shut. TBH I tend to leave the door open slightly when I'm on the PS3 as that way it has plenty of air flowing around, and is no different than being on the shelf. Plus, now that it is below the oven that is my Onkyo amp the whole thing feels cooler than before anyway.

The Sky box is now fitted with a Sky Eye thing that I also got for Amazon for about £5. It connects to the RF connection on the back and has an IR reciever (tucked under the amp) on an extended wire, so I can use the Sky box without having the door open.



All in all I'm really pleased how it came out. We had friends around over last night and I now have a commission to build them one :laugh:

I'll try and get around to updating the other thread soon to show the old Panny in place of the tiny TV that has now been moved up to our bedroom. At last I'm not relegated to small TV viewing for my evenings PS3 BFBC2 action.


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very nice cabinet and shelves

i like the way you have done that and i am after something similar myself. i have space next to the chimney breast to have something like that.

Does the sky box not get hot in there?

i have allot of kit i would prefer to house in a cupboard like yours, is that custom built?


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The Sky box is no hotter than it was on the previous shelf setup. If anything when it is on it is a bit cooler thanks to the USB powered laptop cooler. Also what you can't see is I have left a pretty decent gap at the back of each shelf and also the one the amp is on to aid the hot air to disperse upwards.

As for construction it is custom built. We built an MDF box frame and them mounted in the shelf and the door. The gaps at the sides were then caulked to give it more in built look. The whole lot had then been primered and painted using the same paint at walls.


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Is your dad for hire?

Mrs is moaning about the state of the living room... o_O


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Is your dad for hire?

Mrs is moaning about the state of the living room... o_O

It's pretty easy mate. The hardest part is the mounting 'hook'. But a DIY shop should be able to pre cut it.

A quick question - how have you attached the shelves inside the your cabinet? Thanks

It's just a couple of slim batons screwed to the sides and the shelves rest in top. They are a couple of inches shorter than the shelves so you can hide them when looking in. I can post a photo if you want?

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