Flight cancelled by KLM .....

KLM replied to WhatsApp with a link to the refunds page.
The refunds page won't accept my document numbers because they're already in the system even though they previously ignored the refund request and told me they'd be issuing a voucher :facepalm:
Replied to their WhatsApp with the booking ref and ticket numbers - got back their "we're busy..." auto response.
It's a damn good job I can afford to have this money sitting in their bank account not mine - I'm sure others are not as fortunate :rolleyes:
The KLM support / contact us is pretty useless. And yeah we were in the same position, but I don’t envy those that can’t afford that.


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The KLM support / contact us is pretty useless. And yeah we were in the same position, but I don’t envy those that can’t afford that.
It’s a shame because when I used to fly regularly to NL they were really good and would sort problems over Twitter super fast.

I appreciate this isn’t normal but they owe me over 2 grand which they’ve had since February and have known I won’t be using the tickets for months.
It’s certainly going to change how I book stuff in the future because this is really frustrating.
I’ll get there - eventually ;)


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yeah, I received an email from ryanair to say they're still processing mine... as long as they are then fine...
i initially asked for a refund, submitted a form and then they offered a voucher :facepalm:
i just left it and now i've had an email tonight saying i have a voucher waiting
at the bottom there is a button to click if you still want a refund, so i clicked it and filled in the form
it then crashes when you submit it :smashin::rolleyes:
will keep trying


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Finally got my full refund from Virgin Atlantic.....back on m credit card, so now to try and get it back to my current account. Should be able to money transfer the credit balance, but pleased its finally back


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4th June...
On April the 12th, KLM cancelled the outgoing route of our UK>NL>Canada USA>NL>UK trip departing on the 25th June.
On the 17th of May I gave up waiting for news on the return flights - not that we could use them anyway - so I found a page on KLM to request refunds - not vouchers - submitted all the relevant details and waited.
15th July ...
They’ve finally agreed to refund me but only a nebulous “we are busy it will take a while” stock response.
I'm resigned to a long wait but then I want my cash back.
I've been on their WhatsApp channel regularly ever since only getting "please be patient" and canned responses about how busy they are - how can they be no one has been flying for months :rolleyes:?

Friday 30th October I told them I was going to use my credit card company to reclaim my money and opened a case with Nationwide.

17th November I got an email from KLM saying they were refunding 3 x £749 for the flights.

Just checked my online banking and I got refunded to my credit card on the 16th of November.
7 MONTHS after they cancelled my flights.

All's well that end's well I suppose - at least I've been able to work through the whole lockdown so I've not needed the money but I think it's safe to say I'll reconsider booking with KLM ever again even though their Norwich to Amsterdam connection is so handy.
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