Flickering picture Epson tw3200


I have a epson tw3200 and while watching football last nite the picture seems great without flickering of the lamp.
When i change it to a different tv channel where its showing a dark movie the lamp is flickering. it doesnt matter is i turn off the eco.
I have connected a 4 meter hdmi cable from PJ to my sky hd box. see attached photos. anybody knows a solution to this annoying flickering ?


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If it is the "white noise" at the bottom of your photos you are referring to, that is not and can not be caused by lamp flickering.

Lamp flickering is when the brightness for the whole picture is rapidly varying because its light source (the lamp) is not running stable. Taking pictures or filming lamp flicker might show horizontal banding of some sort if the camera has a rolling shutter, but that will not show up as white noise like that.

Your picture problem might rather be caused by some problem in the signal path. Have seen something similar if there is some trouble with the HDMI cable/connection or if the bandwidth of the signal is set to high for some of the components in the chain.


Its indeed the "white noise" on the photos. Obviously its showing a band as the picture has been frozen at the time I took the pic. Iam using a cheap HDMI cable. Do you reckon it has something to do with that ? How will I change the bandwidth of the signal? The sky box is currently set to 1080P/50hz


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1080P/50hz should not be a hard task for a good quality 4m HDMI cable but have seen a lot of different effects that a bad cable or bad connections can do to a setup.

To troubleshoot, it is often easiest to eliminate/bypass the one link in the chain you suspect is the problem, and see what effect that has on the picture.

Sometimes errors like this can come from a "bad handshake" where the settings between the source and projector are negotiated and sett, so a simple power off and "reboot" might solve troubles like this too.

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