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    My tv seems to have developed a fault,on both dvd and sat feeds
    During a slow pan across the screen in a film etc the image seems to flicker and jump ( as if its missing frames)
    Also on dark scenes,For eg someone in a black suit with a white shirt on ,i get a halo effect in the center of the screen as if the contrast has been turned up full and this actually bleeches out the surrounding area
    An engineer is required i think but i was just interseted if any one could give me any info as to what it could be so im aware when the engineer chap trys to convince me he cant see a problem or thats normal for a big tv like that!!!
    tv is 44 inch rear proj
    any advice would be great
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    Dec 30, 2001
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    I sometimes get a halo effect on my Hitachi, it only happens when certain dark shades clash in bright scenes like a planet glowing in space, i can get a partial halo effect around it. Another example would be scenes with torches shining brightly in various dark shades.
    I had this looked at by engineers and a Tech guy came out from Hitachi. I was told i am to close and sitting at an angle which can highlight this effect... They had a point as it did improve if you altered sitting position, also contrast brightness settings can cause it to look worse. I doubt they can do much about it unless its spoiling all viewing. I think all rear pro sets suffer from this to varying degrees, having said that if your engineer knows cause of this effect let me know. Percentage wise how often do you get this, mines about 3 to 5% of all viewing.

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