Flickering around the borders!


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Simple question I hope.... during playback on certain dvd's you can see a flickering/pulsing of lighter colours that seem to stem from the black borders (both top & bottom).

Is this likely to be the dvd player (Pioneer Ns-dv99 multiregion) or the connections, or even both?

The problem seems to occur more on ntsc discs. The output setting of the player is set to auto as opposed to selecting ntsc/pal manualy...

the cable from the player is a monster scart.. connected to a jst scart - vga box... then a lindy premium gold vga cable to the panny pwd7.

Sky tv is superb in general, occaisionaly there is a two large horizontal bands scrolling up then down (or is it down then up!)

any help greatly appreciated as the wife is starting to drop sarcastic comments on how good our crt set was :rolleyes:


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Could be something to do with overscan?? What I do, and don't know whether it's the correct way but it fixes the problem!! is adjust the picture position/size and make it bigger by a couple of pixels.



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Read the thread "Woot - 42PHD8 has arrived !! " and see if that sounds the same.


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gizlaroc, hi - no not really.

I am almost convinced the flickering scenario is down to ntsc... as opposed to pal... will try more films tonight... it only appears when there is a very sharp contrast in the scene of the film (darker backgrounds... lighter foregrounds)... noticable all the way around the screen not just top & bottom, but is worse along all edges!!

as for the scrolling bars.. could this be the ferrite or lack of one?

Cheers again..

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