Flicker in corner of D.I.S.T tv - help!


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I just took hold of my new JVC 32p37 tv the other day and im really pleased with it.

One problem though, there is a definate flicker on the bottom left corner of the screen. It's really noticable on the Finding Nemo dvd where the flicker almost extends to the entire left hand side of the screen. Surely this shouldnt happen on a DIST set?

Any reason why this would happen?

By the way the Nemo is a Region 1 copy if that would make any difference. PLease help!

Many thanks


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Not that it's much help to you, but I don't get a flicker problem on my HV32P37 (I have other problems which are driving me mad...)


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any other ideas what could be causing it? Could it be because of the on board speakers?


I had this on my tosh zd26. Changed my 6 gang extension to a high quality one and the problem went away. Dunno if thats your problem but its summat to try.

Good Luck.


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High resolution CRTs like the one used on the P37 can give slight flicker if they are used near objects that have very slight magnetism. Things like speakers (though probably not the ones in the set) or even radiators or metal racks can do this. I've not seen it myself but I guess that in theory, extension cables could also do this as they could generate a slight magnetic field, so bodyfodder could well be on the right track.


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I managed to track down what the problem was. My cheapo Venturer home cinema system is causing the flicker, even on freeview etc, when the player is set to standby.

I guess it must be the venturer player thats giving out the magnetic field.

The sooner, this is upgraded the better.

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