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Hi guys, I have a Panasonic AE300, and I just wanted to know how important the flicker adjust setting is to a projector? I heard that it fixes the vertical banding problem. I don't have vb problems, but I adjusted it anyway just in case (minimal blue, no red, most green adjustment). After the adjustment, I noticed 3 things:

- The picture was much clearer - Even though I was happy for this, I was wondering why it happened. Isn't a setting called "Flicker Adj" supposed to remove flicker, not make blacks blacker, or pictures sharper?

- The picture was redder - The hue of the picture seemed redder to the point where the previous -1 color temperature was now equal (more or less) to 0 color temperature. Again I was confused why this would happen, I didn't raise the red flicker screen adjustment or anything.

- There was more chicken wire (SDE) - I'm not entirely sure if this was because of the flicker adjust per se, or if the picture is just much clearer now, so I can actually see the chicken wire more (although not to the extent that it's very bad yet). If this is the case, what would be the ideal setting, less clarity/chicken-wire or more clarity/chicken-wire? Corollary to this, should I even be touching this setting? What really is the function of flicker adjust? Does this interfere with SmoothScreen function of Panasonic projectors?

To top it off, I forgot to record the factory defaults so I can't go back to the original flicker settings to compare. Does anyone have these numbers?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Can't answer the technical side of what the adjustment does but from an observastional respect on my AE300 it reduced the peekaboo scan lines and sharpened up the image. Never had any visible VB and screen door was never an issue either.

You can get a more accurate adjustment to the flicker setting by holding a piece of paper a foot or 2 from the lens. The flicker shows up more making it easier to adjust.

I would set this as best you can and if screen door is an issue (you must be sitting close!) slightly defocus using the lens.

Hope this helps

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