Flicker Adjust on Panasonic projectors



I was fooling around with the Flicker Adjustments on my new Panasonic AE300 (yes, I'm new to this :) ), and I changed the settings without recording the original numbers, stupid me. Now, I never had any VB problems which makes me feel even more stupid for tinkering with the settings, as the original settings were quite good. But when I look around the internet, everyone gives the same advice, "set each RGB color to minimize flicker". I tried this and the picture was indeed clearer, but so was the chicken-wire, which suddenly appeared when they were practically nonexistent before! (also, the fleshtones got too red). So I tried to find the original settings on the internet, but the problem is I heard that this setting was different for each unit! The only thing I remember is that my Red is set to 77, and my Blue and Greens were in the low 70's. I wonder if the vaunted "SmoothScreen Technology" of Panasonic is just setting flicker adjustments to make, say, the Green channel of a picture "flicker" a little, "blurring" the picture just enough. When I tried to estimate my old settings (73-77-75), the picture got less red, and sure enough the chicken-wire practically disappeared (although I'm not sure if these were indeed my original settings). I was wondering if the best setting is not the one with the least flicker for each color, but rather some other way that I'm unaware of. The Panasonic technicians told me that these settings are set "in the factory". I was just hoping to find out how this is done, so I can go back to my original flicker settings.


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Not sure this is any help but mine were all set at 75 I payyed about and left them as they were. Then again I didnt have my glasses on
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