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Hello all, was helping my freind last night set up a Sammy D7000 46 inch tv, and when we were tring to wall mount it when the expensive leads we bought snapped due to the angle presented...oops !!The problem is they go in on the right side looking at the tv but we need them to , go in then for the lead to go back on itself as such to pre drilled hole in the chimmney breast which is behind on the left of the tv, only place availble sadly. Dont want to pay a fortune as we need 3 x 5metres and the right angle ones would mean the tv would stick out more unless we channel out a gouge in the wall which still wouldnt work.A tricky wee challenge that hopefully someone has addressed before.To be fair i think part of the problem is the sheath size limiting the flexibility to double back as such.The ribbon type ones seem to cast a fortune. Cheers in advance.

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