Flexible conduit?

Marcus Wood

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I'm planning to put some cables (HDMI etc) in my ceiling, but I thought it would be best to put some flexible conduit in, in case other cables are needed in the future.

I think the conduit would need to be about 50mm in diameter, and it would need to be LSZH or similar. Some way to join different sections of it togther would probably be a good idea.

I don't know anything about conduit, and haven't been able to find any informaion on the forum, so if anyone else has installed it I would appreciate any advice you could give me on different brands/suppliers, and any other things I should be aware of.


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Im pretty sure 25mm is the max diameter for flexible conduit, maybe a some flexible water pipes are the way foward?


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Im pretty sure you can get larger than 25mm but be aware flexible conduit can be a pig to fish through. Especially longer lengths if its not accessible (if it is accessible you can shake it which helps cables pull through). Make sure you use plenty of electrical tape on any connectors you pull through to form smooth edges so they dont catch!

Jason Bourne

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A small tip

Tape your cable end into a scrunched up carrier bag and stuff it in one end of the conduit.

Stick your hover on the other and try to get as good a seal as possible and suck it through.

It works 90% of the time :D

And yes you do get 50mm flexible conduit, but you usually have to buy it in 25 or 50m rolls and it can be quite expensive.


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YOu can use central VAC hose and bends ping pong ball with string attached and a compressor is another way to draw cables


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Adaptaflex do a full range of flexible conduits, some have a smooth inner which makes pulling in the cables a much simpler task. There's a comprehensive range of sizes available - they even go larger than the 50mm you're currently looking at.


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No need to do the plastic bag trick, just put a draw cable in when you fit the conduit in the first place. (unless you were refering to using the plastic bag trick to get the draw wire in)

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