We have just moved into a new property where the prevouis tennats had cats. we may have flees my wife is getting bit and when i am on the settee and in bed i feel like things keep walking over my skin but i am yet to see the things.
can it be flees as i saw my friends dog had them from 2 meters away. We also have a cream carpet in the living room which is brand new . We also set some flee traps a bowl of soapy water with a candle in but no flees


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Could be fleas, could be bed bugs, could be the heebie jeebies in your case (thinking they are there making you aware of small sensations on your skin :) ). Never heard of a candle in soapy water being a flea trap before.

I would suggest to the wife a heavy duty moisturiser, fleas (and mossies) don't tend to bite through it. If you are worried you can try spraying the house, and lots of hoovering

Duncan G

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Contact the landlord to do a steam clean of the carpets and furniture or do it yourself and bill him.


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If you had a flea infestation you would see them.. trust me. We had a bout a few months ago, they were all over the carpets in the house. We bought some flea spray from the vets and sprayed the whole house then hoovered. Not seen any since.


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when i brought my current house after i got it i looked around it while empty. when i got home i had been bitten all round my ankles, wrists,and back where shirt was hanging out. tried spray powder the only thing that worked was burn all the carpets!


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Not that it helps you but I went to my local hospital for a check up last week and when the doctor opened my notes there were fleas hopping around on the paper:eek: I stood up & moved away and said to the doc " what the hell" & she just brushed the paper off & carried on. Freaked me out but clearly she seemed to be used to it!

spankey spangle

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Get the council to come out and spray the place think its about £45 and if you have any pets get frontline it's the best. If you have loads of fleas the cheap pet shop sprays won't work.
We bombed and sprayed today and are in the process of washing everything we have .
We only seem to get the problem when we started to rip up the old carpets (they realy smelled ).
i am still itching but think i have a bit more peace of mind now knowing if there was any of the beast around we would have killed them well i hope so

Cheers for the input guys

Regards Alan


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Best thing is the council but the cost can vary. We got rid of ours by a combination of powder spray and the bombs. The more you do the better.

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