Flatliners (1990) 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

Mark Costello

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Good to see some praise for this! Was one of my regular watches on VHS when I was a teenager and I definitely remember it being a bit special if not an outright classic.

Honestly haven't seen it in 30 years but it's a must-buy. Hope it holds up, sounds like it does.


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Great review as always Mark, cheers.

I'll pick this up purely for the first 'dream' sequence, the one with Baldwin's character showing his experiences and perceptions of the fairer sex since birth. That sequence is one of my all time favourites. The concept, the music and the photography are all just beautiful.


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Awesome review mark..love this film and a definite day one purchase along with The Lost Boys!!.. back to back viewing of both on 4k .

Kotatsu Neko

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A ludicrously silly movie but an enjoyable one. Hopefully it'll get an iTunes 4K upgrade to as I haven't seen this one in forever.


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I’ve not seen this since it came out in the cinema with some mate from school. We all loved it.

How will it hold up? Hmmm but I want to find out. As @Kotatsu Neko said, I’ll hold out for a iTunes release hopefully.


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Ordered !! Great review thanks


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I remember Flatliners as being quite a flashy but mediocre affair; however your review has made me interested to revisit it decades since I last watched it.


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oh well another £21.99 bites the dust


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I rented this back when it was released. I’ve had no interest in ever watching it again, so for me nothing like a nine. I might revisit via streaming.


Appealing review, Coz.
I've never seen this - as defib' shocking as it is - but meant to several times.
Kiefer and Platt are the draws here for me. One forever broken in cool and the other managing to more than just get by in snark. I never fell into love/lust for Roberts looks and it took me all the way to Bear Grylls Erin Brokovich to see her as more.
Anyway, the concept of seeking a gaudy neon infused afterlife is appealing, at least, in film. In reality, I sit more with Stephen Hawking and his belief that it's all sadly wishful thinking...


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Worth it for Julia in 4K alone :love:

Watched it recently and it's still decent, I always try and watch 80's films with some allowances for the time. This helps a lot!

Many films I liked from the early 80's as a kid are pretty awful now, I've had a few that nearly got turned off!

chief barker

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Great review as always Mark.



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Watched this tonight and really enjoyed it. I remembered very little of the plot so it felt fresh. Regularly stunning to look at, great performances, and some really interesting flawed characters.

The way they get the viewer onboard with the whole concept is genius - one second it seems preposterous, then Kevin Bacon bursts in the room and suddenly it's game on!

Probably not for everyone, but I loved it. Felt like watching a real cult classic. Odd given it was a big budget major release with a star cast, but as you say Mark it's fallen through the cracks.

chief barker

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Watched this last night and it's certainly a lovely looking image, great use of HDR.

Totally agree with the review scores from Mark.

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