Flat picture on Toshiba50WT29 compared with previous model


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Jul 6, 2001
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At present I have a Toshiba 46WHO8B which I am very happy with.I now wish to upgrade to the latest integrated digital model 50WT29.All the reviews of this model(42 version) in What Video,Home Cinema Choice,Home Entertainment and What Hi Fi have all said that this set does not have the picture quality of previous Toshiba back projection TV's with the picture in all magazines being described as "flat".Has anybody purchased one of these sets as an upgrade from a previous model either the model that I have or the 50WH18B.Also would like comments from anyone with a 50WT29 regarding the picture quality.Thanks
50WT29B. Picture quality fantastic. There are other posts in this forum which support this view. Sound quality - excellent Dolby Digi when coupled to external 8ohm speakers.

As I upgraded from a normal widescreen CRT I can't comment on the quality of this model over another properly set up RPT. But it is by far the best picture that I have seen over other RPTs on display in shops and airports, etc. This may be down to environment or setup - all I can say is that the picture far exceeded my expectation of an RPT, and left me literally with my jaw in dropped mode. Hope this is of help.

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