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Her in doors now wants to re-do the lounge.

Removing the carpet and underlay and install laminated flooring.

Now the Virgin coax can't be hidden under the laminated flooring like it could under the carppet and the TV will now be against an internal wall (so no reach from an outside wall - no point in calling in the engineer!!)

The only thing I can think of is flat coax cable under the laminated floor but I can't find any for love or money.

can anybody help save my marrige?


Would it not be just as easy and a lot cheaper by running the cable under the floor boards ? 2 minutes to lift a couple of floor boards and fish the couple underneath.


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Ah - if only - the flooring is made of those large chipboard type panels. The house is around ten years old and only uses floorboards upstairs!


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Take a jigsaw and cut a square out at where the cable currently is and where you want it to go. once cables are movedand in place, get some spare wood longer than the opening you have cut but not so long you can not put it the hole. then hold it to the underside of the floor and use screws to fix it in to place. then take the piece you cut out and put it back in the hole and screw to the piece of wood you fixed in. here is a shoddy diagram. i just recently did this myself. easy just cannot explain it well.


hope this helps


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i have concerete floors will underlay and laminate on top and i have all my virgin wires underneath the laminate and its fine!!!!


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ok - wow - thanks for the replies.

In the end I found a 6mm fibre board underlay and as the wire was 7mm they went under ok.

Previously I had only used the foam underlay which is only 3mm but goes down to 1mm when compressed.

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