flaskmpg help



hi there
ive recently backed up my analogue camcorder footage on my phlips dvdr880.
i want to edit them using pinnicle studio v8
but i am having trouble
i am using flaskmpeg with the panasonic mpeg1 plugin to extract the vob files to a format that studio recognizes, but dont know what settings to set flask at.
ive tried but the end edited svcd is jerky on my tv. i even tried to do it with uncompressed avi files 13 of them at 1 gb each but got the same results
smartripper and prassi pprimo dvd 2 both are saying that my vob files are of ntsc format instead of pal when i have a pal cammy and a pal recorder
please help cos ive been on with this for a week and im going to have a breakdown if i dont get it sussed
cheers:eek: :mad: :eek:

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