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I have recently started getting a problem with my KV28FX65U where the standby light flashes 9 times, pauses and then starts the sequence again.

It seems to happen just after I see green artifacts on the screen, and then none of the on-screen displays appear (although the remote functions as normal). I haven't seen any other side effects although only turning the TV off for a while at the mains and then back on again seems to cure it temporarily.

As far as I can tell it only seems to happen while watching Sky through my Pace box (via Telewest cable). TV is linked to the Pace box through a decent quality QED scart going into AV1 (not RGB). I'm not sure if the green artifacts are coming from the Pace box with the Sky picture, or if the TV is producing them. Seems to happen randomly anyway.

I have searched the forums for this and found someone with a similar problem but only a 5 flash cycle. The advice there was the tube has gone. Please tell me it's not, as the set is only 9 months old.

If it is faulty (waiting for engineer to drop in sometime soon), can I ask my retailer for a new replacement set as I don't want some dodgy recon unit?

Many thanks in advance for any help,



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Same thing happened to my 1 month old 32FX65 !!!

Got it sorted by a local Sony Repair Centre ... apparently it needed some new IC's.

So, yep, it's definately faulty so I'd recommend getting it sorted quickly while under guarantee.

Good luck!

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