Flashing Sky Sagem router with firmware


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I have acquired a Sky Sagem wireless router from someone who was going to chuck it out and want to use it to replace my current wired router. Sky is not my ISP.

It is locked to Sky but I understand this can be remedied by flashing it with new firmware.
I will be following a guide available on another forum which I'm not sure is considered a rival to this one so I won't post a link in case I get banned!

However having spent ages searching I can't seem to find the Sagem firmware file anywhere on the internets. I believe it's called "Sagem Fast 2404_3.33.8a4 Firmware". I have found something on a torrent site, but the filesize appears to be some 700Mb, such a large file size can't be right can it?

Has anybody been through this process that can advise?

Before anyone asks why I don't ask this qn on the other forum, I can't be bothered to set up an account, and avf is the only one for me anyway! ;)


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I would try the torrent mate, also search for the firmware at www.toorgle.com............might get more results............

I take it you are comfortable with the flashing process......?


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i think there must be some kind of recovery tool that you will need, if you can find a decent tutorial it should tell you were to get it, download the file, then give it a go.....

the 700mb seems large, but there may other things contained in the package, like tools to help you et......

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