Flashing/Pulsing when going to 4k Q90T


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I have an issue with my Samsung Q90T. If I'm watching cable (1080p) and switch to my Series X (4k) I get a weird flashing/pulsing on high contrast items. I included a small video that you can see the pulsing on the bar under the title, but the video itself doesn't show how bad it really is.

I've upgraded Firmware, then downgraded it again. If I unplug the HDMI then plug it back in it appears to fix the issue but that's not a long term solution. If I go back to cable then back to Xbox it happens again. Any idea what this is? I'm struggling to find a solution or what to even search for. The TV shows I'm in 4k and HDR. In game mode. Thanks.

Pedro Oliveira

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I am having the same issue. Icons flash on cold war and on forza h4 when in winter sometimes the all things becomes a whole ephiletic thing. But this does happen all the time. If i use game mode it doe not happen. If i am outside game mode (4k 120 option enabled) and use the movie mode and filmmaker mode it does not happen. Also this sypmthoms are not always present. Sometimes everything is ok and nothing flashes.

Any idea what this might be?

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