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Flashgun setup comparison review site sought

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by Merlin, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Merlin


    Jun 17, 2002
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    Need find good flashgun sites
    Any links to decent flashgun review sites please,
    like dpreview approach body reviews ...sites that show test comparison
    shots etc, not too blinding with science, definitely not having any means of
    selling you anything on the site.

    I may find that fgun determines camera choice the way its going. i.e if two metz guns off camera is not possible (and I am not buying and carrying three to achieve this if one has to be on camera) and if 580 is inconsistent as per thread below, then it will be NikonD70 and SB800 as that reads as stable.

    Users dont have a variety of fgun makes to use.
    I am looking for a site that compares Speedlite 580ex to Metz54/m3
    mount on and off a Canon 20D. Will they illuminate subject 2ft away is a question of mine though users could answer that one I guess.
    (ring flash shadow no use to me,need shadows under subject) Also 580ex
    and 420ex(as slave) working together both off camera and how this
    compares to two metz guns both off camera in wireless mode.

    Ditto but for Nikon D70 and its SB800 and 600 fguns.

    Why not just go 580EX, well I read this mammoth thread all about 580 inconsistencies and now not so sure !

    Testing to be under E-TTL 2 (for Canon) as well as manual and auto sensor on

    Thanks in advance

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