Flashgun For Nikon D50


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Looking to buy a Flashgun for my Nikon D50, as far as I can see there are 3 alternatives in my price range (£140 ish max)

Nikon SB600 - safe option

Sigma EF 500 DG Super - have read some quite good reviews and also some that are not so good - SB800 performance for SB600 price

Metz 44 AF-4i - interesting supposedly well built option, can not find any reviews.

Can anyone help with any of these (or better / cheaper options)




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I've seen good and bad about the Sigma too. I don't know anything about metz other than that they have a good reputation. I didn't have much experience of flash until I bought an SB-800, previously having owned a Jessops auto flash that didn't work terribly well on my Canon film SLR.

Personally my choice was only really between the Nikon guns as I wanted the reassurance of compatibility now and in the future, plus they really do work amazingly well. My SB-800 is superb, but I very nearly bought a 600 instead - it was mainly the extras you get with the 800 that pushed me over to it, plus the thought that for not that much more cash I would get a much more capable flash (even if I didn't end up using a lot of it's features). The wireless operation of the Nikon guns is supposedly excellent, although the D50 can't do that without an SB-800 or SU-800 in the hotshoe.

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