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flash text on comedy central


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Evening all.

So the last few days I've been watching some stuff on comedy central. There's a paragraph of text that flashes up for just under a second. I didn't realise I'd seen it at first. So scanned back and managed to pause the box and have a read... Pritty weired stuff!

The two images attached are from the break in michael macintyre this evening on comedy central 10pm til 11pm in the ad break at 10:45 ish. The royal wedding text was as the ad break started and the April kids one before the program started again.

I've had a browse around the web and came across this thread on another forum throwing all sorts of conspiracy theories around.


Any ideas what it's all about?

P.s the royal wedding text hidden behind the v+ box says "do it for"

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It's borderline subliminal messaging. I'm not sure exactly what constitutes subliminal messaging. Especially as the text is pritty random

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