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Flash questions....


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Hello people!

I have just purchased a nikon sb-900 to go with my D50.....

Now, i have an old SB-24 which was passed to me from a friend....now my question is, is it worth keeping the sb-24 as like a secondary flash?

If so, what can i achieve from using both?

Sorry for being a noob!! :hiya:


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You can use both off camera to light front and rear of your subjects to cancel any shadows... :smashin:

That's if the SB-24 can be triggered remotely from your camera..


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The D50 can't command the Sb-900, the Sb-900 can be used as a CLS commander but the Sb-24 doesnt have this function.

Its a bit of an awkward situation really. In order to get some degree of wireless/off camera capability - some investment in required.

1)Upgrade the camera body to get the Nikon CLS.
2)Pocket wizards/wireless flash system
3)Hotshoe adapter and wired flash cables

If you aren't willing to get into that -then I don't see any reason to keep both speedlights. If you have no interest in upgrading in the future - I'd consider looking at the condition of the Sb-24 and consider selling the Sb-900.

The Sb-900 is the superior unit - but in the end, a strobe is a strobe - if you aren't going to use the extra power and functions, then the Sb-24 might be ideal.


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If i do sell one of the units, it will be the sb-24.....the flash is not fast enough, and takes an age to refresh before you can take the next picture....

I dont understand what you mean by the sb-900 is not compatible with the d50? Seems to be working ok when i tested it.....

Any ideas how much the sb-24 is worth?


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Sorry - I should have explained myself better.

Nikon CLS

Nikons creative lighting system is a wireless flash triggering system that is built into the enthusiast/advanced amateur range of D70 and above. It uses the onboard flash to trigger compatible speedlights wirelessly. As far as I know - it can be used to control the Sb-600, the Sb-800 and the Sb-900 (there maybe a new one I've missed though). The D50 doesn't have this capability but is 100% compatible when the Sb-900 is mounted on the hotshoe.

The Sb-800/900 can be used on any camera in place of the onboard flash mentioned above. So if you have a Sb-600/800 as well as the Sb-900, you could control the former speedlight(s) wirelessly thanks to the Sb-900. Use it to light the background/dark corners - my favourite is to put it behind any portrait subject.

My point really was that, when mounted on a camera - the Sb-900, although fantastic, isn't much better than any other speedlight - but this is down to the limitations and caveats of on camera flash. However, as you said, it has more functions and recycles faster - so if you need that then get rid of the SB-24. What i also meant to say, is that you are in the slightly unfortunate position of having wireless flashes just beyond your reach.

Wireless flash is quite an interesting part of modern photography and looks amazing when done well - take a look at the Nikon blurb and an interactive demo thing here

Edit - just read through my own links-the D70 doesn't seem to have the commander function - so its the D80 or above that do.
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I'm afraid I don't know much about Nikon gear but having a second flash off camera can open up a world of possibilities (If you are interested in that sort of thing). If you don't think you'd get much cash for the SB24 then I would seriously consider keeping it and having a play with it off camera.

I don't think the SB24 has a built in optical slave, but it does have a PC port, so one possibility would be to buy an optical slave to fire the flash when the on camera flash fires (This would have to be manual flash though as the TTL pre-flash from the SB900 would cause it to set the flash off too early).

Cheap cactus triggers / receivers are another option although my experience with them is that having multiple receivers means that the chances of at least one not firing becomes quite high (Which can be frustrating). I often back up the cactus receivers with optical triggers which has proven to be pretty effective although the money spent on buying lots of cheap kit could have been put towards a better solution in the first place (Such as pocket wizards, skyports etc).



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Wow, thanks for the info....

I think i'll stick with just using the sb-900 for now, and see how i get on.....i dont think there'll be many times where i'd be using a multi-flash setup anyways....

No ideas what the sb-24 may be worth then?

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