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      Reviewed by Andrew Mogford, 30th August 2010.
      Flash Gordon is most certainly an acquired taste. The whole film is played very tongue in cheek, and is camp in the extreme. The dialogue is deliberately clunky, the action hokey, and the special effects are ropey. Yet at the same time this is most definitely part of its charm, and is what has made it such a cult favourite over the last thirty years.

      This disc, however, can only be classed as a disappointment. The picture and sound is certainly the best the film has ever been graced with, but those who bemoan DNR are not going to like what has been done on the picture. Soundtrack purists will be disappointed that the original stereo soundtrack isn't included.

      However, despite lacking the Brian Blessed commentary the extras here are excellent. Once you’ve navigated Universal’s usual horrible menu system you will find nothing but quality here. It certainly puts the UK disc to shame, even though the Mike Hodges commentary is also missing.

      If you are a fan of the film who is not interested in the Mike Hodges commentary - then this is certainly worth picking up. If you are not a fan of the film you may want to think twice before making a blind process. If you can accept the humour and the campness here, and enjoy that kind of film then this is certainly a fine example of the genre. If you are looking for deadly serious sci-fi then you are best off looking elsewhere.

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