Flaming Cliff-hangers

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by Garrett, May 7, 2002.

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    Who is fed up of series ending on cliff-hangers then having to wait 6 months to see the out come, worst of all is the end of season cliff-hanger, then there is no new season. :( Two that spring to mind is Dark Skies and The Fugitive the later ended on Saturday, in this one it looked as Lt Gerard had been killed and either Dr Richard Kimble or his witness the one armed man was shot.
    Take similar programs from the 60s The Invaders this ended with the story open but at least you thought David Vincent was still out there tracking the invaders down, and The Fugitive did conclude and ran for 5 seasons without having to resort to, "to be continued" (in next season). If I like a program I will watch it next season, I do not need tempting, on the other hand if it is rubbish I won’t no matter what.
    Two 60s programs did do week to week cliff-hangers, but both in there way were emulating the old B&W film series, which were Batman, and Lost In Space, but only did them from week to week, not season to season. Batman did conclude in the second half of the story, as for Lost In Space this was more of a teaser for the following week, and had nothing to do with that weeks story and was only about 2 minuets long..
    One recent series I have given up on purely because of this, is Alias, the start of each show starts with approximately 10 tying up last weeks episode, then 30 minuets starting a new one, for the conclusion next week etc, etc, etc.

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