Flac to MP3 for free? How?


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Mar 9, 2011
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Managed to download an album in FLAC and now need to convert it to MP3 to get it onto my iPod.
Any recommendations on how to do this (without having to pay for a convertor)???

Thanks so much

Windows? Should be doable with the basic flac frontend: FLAC - download

(the page also lists dbpoweramp free ver and mediamonkey as alternatives)
Exact Audio Copy (EAC) with Lame plugin does the trick for me.
Try Foobar2000 - it's an great little programme. You will also need to source the audio codecs you want to use use (eg FLAC and Lame [MP3]) and point Foobar to them and then away you go. I use Foobar for all my digital audio needs, converting CDs, converting FLAC to MP3 and AAC, tagging etc.

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