FLAC player, with large capacity AND hard controls?

Turbo Dragon

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Hi all,

I am looking for a portable mp3/FLAC player, I currently have an iPod classic and am looking for something of similar size (min 80gb preferably 100+gb)

Thinking that the Cowon X7 is the one to go for, but wanted to know if there was anything that had physical buttons for track controls and not 100% touchscreen.

I think that having to look at the screen everytime I want to skip tracks could become annoying if my player is in my jacket.

Any recommendations?!



Is flac widely supported nowadays? If not that limits your choice.
Also Rockbox supports flac, so why not consider a player that's supported?

Any of these?
Current Rockbox Builds

Have iriver H140 myself, rockboxed with 120GB HD.

Latest ipod with full Rockbox support is video 5.5, however experimental is working on latest ipod, it's still pre-beta experimental though. Been using "unstable" version on a Samsung YH, no problems.

Turbo Dragon

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Thanks for the suggestion. I Looked at rockbox but it isnt available for my iPod.

Plus i'm not really down with the Apple thing. :D

Any other ideas folks?! :thumbsup:

Turbo Dragon

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Lovely looking bit of kit but sadly not enough capacity.

Thanks anyway.

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