Fixing parents PC not going to well


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Trying to sort out parents pc while they are on holiday it goes slower than I have ever seen a PC go before.

Their grandkids came up a while ago and downloaded games from kids websites and I am sure its given the pc lots of spyware but the useless AVG they have on the PC doesnt find anything of value.

Main thing I have found it mywebsearch, I remember having this years ago and I couldnt get rid of it to save my life so any tips on that are very welcome.

The other is the memory is being used by way too much to be natural so there most be spyware kicking about there, I have managed to get it down from 94% full to 69% while doing nothing but background tasks, but struggling to get it down any more than that.

Any tips?


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Could be worth using Lavasoft Ad-Aware. Used in the past to good effect to clean up some nasties.

To be honest I do use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) now and this has worked very well as far as I am concerned in protecting my PC but I am fairly careful on what I view and download these days.


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On a second note for opinions I really dont like AVG on the folks pc, its obviously doing a bad job, I am using McAfee at the moment which has been quite good, miss zone alarm and Webroot mind you but they tend to block random things in a game and crash pc.

Its all opinions I know but do you guys think I should convince the folks to swap avg (paid for version, lord only knows why) and move to something else?


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Chkdsk, defrag it, get rid of all the bloatware, startup programs etc. or just reinstall windows. Microsoft security essentials is fine if your windows are genuine you can use that and it won't slow your computer down like the others tend to


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Install Malwarebytes (free) and let it sort the PC out.

After that try Ccleaner (also free) to remove dross.

If it's still slow, look to disable programs/utilities running at startup.

After that, remove AVG and go for Avira or MSE.




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none of those programs were on but I have cleaned it somewhat (over a Gb of spyware, mainly toolbars), spysweeper found 55 items that other programs havent but they want £50 to remove them lol


I would be suspicious of a program that finds loads of errors that none others do - and then wants you to pay £50 for the errors to be fixed :rolleyes:
I would suggest you download and run the excellent & free Malwarebytes and CCleaner (as already suggested by Stiggy) to see if they help.


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One more for MSE, alternative to CCleaner is EasyCleaner (don't pay for it). What OS are they using?
Have you backed up all their files?
Defrag hard drives as well.
Make sure OS updates are up to date.


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Mywebsearch, zwinky etc, I have found seem to cause a LOT of problems. Think they all come under the misnomer "Fun Web Products". Undoubtedly the links to the malware removal tool is infact another item of malware :(

If you can uninstall any toolbars. Another vote for malwarebytes anti malware. Install, update and run in safe mode. I also use "Hijack This" a lot (from Trend Micro) and Process Explorer (a powertool). They are both very powerful but if you're indiscriminate they can be damaging.


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I found the source of it in something to the effect of easy bits which was a kiddy game site that my niece will undoubtedly have put there.

They use vista, pc is defragged once a week and is scanned every day.

Webroot isnt something to be suspicious of, that with zone alarm make up the best protection ive ever had but its quite expensive so not willing to shell that amount out each year and make sure the folks have it too. however you can get it to scan your pc for free.

not sure why but tried to install McAfee as copy I have has a multi pc licence but it just wont install, after that its about as good as I can get, even popped in some more ram just to compensate

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