Fixing "Failed recordings" issue with SKY HD


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I think I may have solved the "failed recording issue",last night I had set the HD box to record all the BBC HD programmes back to back.

As I had a problem the night before when trying to record two programmes back to back I wanted to test a theory.The previous evening when recording 2 consecutive BBC programmes they both showed up as failed recordings and could not be played back.

So last night when watching the first programme,it was recording Ok,when the next programme started that was Ok,but what I did notice was that BOTH programmes were still showing as recording when the first should have finished.

I stopped both recordings, then tried to view them only to find both recordings had failed.

Remembering what problems there had been with other PVR's regarding buffering I looked in the SKY + set up settings and saw that Add to start and end of programming was set to AUTOMATIC.I reset this option to 0 mins on both(no time added to either end of the recording) and then waited for the rest of the evenings programmes to record.

Guess what! they all recorded perfectly and are able to be watched OK.I think the problem is that when the Automatic option is selected when recording consecutive programmes on the same chanel it is causing a conflict and not stopping recording the programme when it ends.

Anyway it worked for me last night,I will try it again tonight and see if it works again.I would sudgest to anyone that has had failed recordings to check what settings you have regarding buffering and if Automatic is selected try 0 mins and see if it works.


I tried another 3 back to back recordings on BBC HD today and they were all Ok so I think this workaround seems to be effective.

Could any of you that have had failed recording check your settings and if your settings were on Automatic please post here and let us know so that we can see if this is a common problem to us all.Please let us know if the "fix" works for you too.


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I have mine at 5 minutes at the end and automatic at the start. It works fine for me. Only a couple of failed recordings in months. I think you will find while it may work you will start missing the end of programmes if they run slightly over time, which can be quite often. This is why I changed mine to 5 minutes padding at the end. Good luck with it thought and hope it works for you.
As a note, I have never had instant rewind turned on in any settings. Not sure if this is a feature that also may add to failed recording problems, as I see it posted a lot about failed recordings, but have experienced very few on my box and have had it from first day of HD release.


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Had HD since launch, never used the 'AUTO' setting (2 mins to start, 5 to end), on my third box now but still get failed recordings once in a while.

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