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Jul 26, 2005
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We recently got a Sky+ box in our living room - leaving the standard Sky box redundant. I was hoping to fit it in my bedroom, but really have no idea how! I know I'll need to pick up a freesat viewing card or something, but how will I connect it to the satellite (the dish is on the front of the house, my room is at the back).

Is there any way for me to do it (being a novice at heart :)) or would I need to pay someone to fit it?

Thanks for the help, as I'm not sure what to do! :)
You can get Sky Multiroom and use the existing box. Multiroom costs an extra £10 per months, but if you subscribe to more than two premium channels then there is no extra charge.
I think you are a bit confused here. You always pay an extra £10 for multiroom - the getting of 2 premium channels prevents you paying another extra £10 for the Sky+ service.

To answer the original poster - yes get a Freeview card. But I think (correct me if i'm wrong) all but a couple of channels (eg ITV1) will work with no card in the box at all !!
You will need to run another cable from the Sky dish to your old Sky box. Without a card, you can receive unencrypted channels like BBC1, BBC2, and some shopping channels, or with a "freesat" card (which costs a one-off £20) you can receive a lot more free-to-air stuff.
Thanks very much everyone - help much appreciated :) I'm going to get a 'freesat' card this weekend, and try my best at connecting my spare digibox in my room, to the sat dish.

Thanks again

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