FIXED - Laptop Onboard 2070 "Does not exist" - It clearly does!

Monty Burns

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Hey all!

I've got an Aorus G15 (XB) which I've had to rebuild recently but the GPU is not working in Windows 10.

"This device cannot start. (Code 10)

This device does not exist."

Unfortunately, due to the ransomware attack on Gigabyte none of the drivers are available for download. The drivers can (not) be found here as they all end up showing "not found":

That said, I have drivers from them dated around end of 2020 so, I don't think this is too much of an issue.

I've tried rebuilding the laptop at least 4 times. Remember that using the drivers from end of 2020 the drivers worked fine previously (although I guess Windows Update could have replaced them but even then I'd be using the same newer drivers now also from Windows Update). I've also reset the BIOS back to factory defaults. None of this is helping.

Anyone any ideas what to do next, please?

Monty Burns

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The part of the world i'm in right now makes that a more than just a little challenging. Given everything was working fine and then it mysteriously stopped overnight (when in my rucksack) I'd like to exhaust ALL software/OS avenues first.

Plus, I need it for work and the Intel UHD side is working fine so, it just means no gaming - and DWG Trueview is a drag!

Monty Burns

Well-known Member

I was on the edge of throwing this out the window. Did ANOTHER BIOS reset, disabled the Nvidia card in the BIOS. Booted in to windows, removed ALL GPU drivers, including Intel. Rebooted. Intel drivers reinstalled. Went back in to BIOS and re-enabled the Nvidia and IT WORKED.

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