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Fix TV bracket to hollow plasterboard wall


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After xmas day I've got to fix a TV bracket to an internal plasterboard wall that has nothing behind (gulp!!)

The wall is completely hollow, I think, with no studs, or not at least where I need to fix it.

I've bought the TV bracket, bought some plasterboard specific rawl plugs, and also done butterfly type. The TV states it's 6.5kg, then the bracket as well, it's a swivel/tilt type so will be moving about a bit.

So, firstly I suppose, is this possible and safe? What's best fittings, best procedure etc. I have to say I'm a little nervous on doing it in case I ruin the walls! I try a little DIY but not the best at it!!



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My sink is held on with:

Rawlplug Spring Toggles 5 x 50mm Pack of 20

My projector bracket is held onto the ceiling with:

Hollow Wall Anchors 8-16mm M5 x 52mm Pack of 10

If you stick 4 of either of those into the plasterboard i bet it would hold your weight, i was surprised.
That's what I've ordered, what's weight of those approx please and are they into studs or direct just into the plasterboard?

Although the TV is 6.5kg, the bracket as well Erik be a couple of kg, and then there's the extra weight when it's away from the wall on the extension


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Both plasterboard only, Projector is 10kg not sure about the sink, more than 10kg lol


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Remember with the spring toggled anchors the length of the screw needs to go somewhere i.e if you bought the 50mm versions you need 50mm behind the plasterboard minus the thickness of the plasterboard/bracket steel.


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A simple and very safe method is to find the two closest studs in the wall (where the tv bracket is wanted) and then screw a piece of timber on that spans the two studs (timber resting on top of the plaster board and screwed into each stud), then screw your bracket onto the timber.

When you leave, all you need to do is remove the timber and poly fill the screw holes. Its how i do it, and gives a very strong fixing.


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Just using those types of fixings, relies on the hole being cut into the plasterboard by the installer, and the strength of the plasterboard in relation to the object being fixed. I wouldn't use the plastic ones myself. The previous suggestion is a better idea, the timber will need to be at least 40mm thick if you are using screws or coach screws. It might be an idea, to put a batten inside the stud wall, depending on whether you have wooden or metal stud wall.
Bear in mind the bracket you have chosen, will put extra pressure on the fixings, when you are manoeuvring your tv.

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