fix-disk errors "Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be corrupt!"


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"fix-disk" errors found and it says to ask for help, in the help, so, "Help Please".

This is what it errored on:
Now checking partition /dev/hda3...
e2fsck 1.42.5 (29-Jul-2012)
The filesystem size (according to the superblock) is 243372701 blocks
The physical size of the device is 237083253 blocks
Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be corrupt!
Abort? yes
So, not an expert with Linux disk tools and happy for any guidance even of it is a start again with reformatting or new disk if that is what it takes.

Anything else I can give, I saved the script and this is the bit that shows where it aborted.

Sometimes the list of recorded files just looks empty, this happens if I try to delete some files, I guess the disk size conflict causes this.
A reboot brings them back and so far all the recordings I have tried to playback have been OK, it also still records.
The HD is a 1tb, replace a while back the firmware is, of course, Raydon, latest.


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Hi, I guess this is a problem I need to fix so I am going to fix up my other Foxsat HDR and when that is done, this disk is coming out, as many files as possible copied off, that I want to keep, and a new drive will go in.
I will play with the disk and see if I can recover it as an exercise.
Anyhow, if I find out what the problem was, and in the even more unlikely event get to "fix" it, I will come back but I expect this is the end of this thread.


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OK, me again.
I have taken the disk out and on the Linux PC I was unable to even mount the defective partition, the one with all the video files on.
So I put the disk back into the Hummy and copied off via the USB connector to my newly formatted replacement disk as many files as I really wanted to keep, some would not copy at all. It was quite slow.
Now the new disk is in the machine and all seems OK.

I did try to repair the disk using the few Linux tools that I know and basically nothing would touch it.
I am sure with more skill it would have been possible to get more off but how much time do you sink into saving some, can re-record in the future!, videos?

I know no one came back to help with this one but maybe the system is a bit older now and maybe it was just too difficult. I know I found it to be so.

I did get a lot of help for my other Hummy's problems, yes they both started to die at the same time, YAY!

So, if this problem happens to you I think:
1:Take out the old disk.
2:(If you can read it on an external Linux PC, do that and copy the files to the new disk, when done put it in the Hummy.

(If not,)
2:put a new disk in to the Hummy, format it and remove..
3:put the old one back in.
4:place the new disk in a USB disk case and connect to the front USB.
5:Copy all the files you can and want to the new disk.
6:Swap the old for the new and move on.

Worked for me.

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