Five reasons why Blu-ray will win


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makes some interesting points


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IMHO blu-ray and hd-dvd will be like the minidisc, betamax, laserdisc, vcd et al.

Neither will win.


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no comparison to any of them, you can store anything on Blu-Ray, as a general storage medium alone it will suceed.


i think dvd will stay as the cosumer favouite standard.

but as for hddvd and br i think itll just be enthusiasts like ourselfs that own a hddvd or bluray machine until another 6-8 years down the line we see another format which everyone will go to (ie. vhs vs dvd)

as for hddvd/bluray vs dvd at the moment though its just going to be sacd vs cd vs dvda IMO (sacd hardly flys off shelfs nowdays).

as for the format after hddvd/bluray i think its going to come back to dvds but its going to be them rumoured dvds by toshiba or whatever i think (rumoured to hold 1tb!)


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